ABOUT Brooke

"My passion is helping brands tell their story through beautiful images."

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Meet Brooke

As the daughter of a small business owner, I have always enjoyed learning about what makes a business tick. With my role as photographer, I get to dip my toes into countless industries and dissect how an image can help a company convey their message in an instant. 

Before before becoming a professional photographer, my background was in marketing - something that has helped me tremendously as a small business owner. I love being able to dig into what makes a company tick and communicate that visually. I transferred the work from providing an emotional connection for families into creating a connection for businesses and their clients.

The challenge of evoking an emotional response through a photograph is fascinating to me and I love working on creative campaigns with clients.

Now I am able to combine both my passion for helping a business grow and telling a story through images. From small shoots in backyards to multi-city large scale photo shoots, each one is exciting and rewarding in it's own way. 

Meet The Team

Ain't no "I" in team and this is no exception. It is rare that I do an entire project on my own, but I do have my favorite rock stars that make sure every shoot is smooth and amazing.


Erin Brennan

Creative Consultant and Production Manager

I always describe Erin as our "pie in the sky" person. She is an idea generator that comes up with the most creative and genius concepts to make your brand interesting and relevant. When it comes to logistics, she is the Production Manager extraordinaire who coordinates the models, secures the locations and keeps us on time with military execution.


Laura Harrison

Set Designer

The Queen of Efficiency, Laura has a 6th sense to walk into a room and immediately know how to rearrange existing materials or add a few additional elements to transform it into the space we need for a shoot. Her creativity is demonstrated when she takes one space and transforms it into three sets for a shoot so we eliminate changing locations and keep moving as efficiently as possible.


Sarah Arimura

Wardrobe Stylist

Once we put together the theme of a shoot and get a sense for the various players, Sarah gets to work on what clothing will set the right tone for the message we are sending. Sarah is also our "I've got your back" teammate. Don't know model sizes until 2 days before we shoot? No problem, she already has a Plan B, C and D for that. Turns out a client using their own employees at a shoot are a wrinkled mess? Yep, she's got an eye for detail and a steamer to save the day..


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