SkinnyScoop {San Bruno, CA} San Francisco Portrait Photographer

Entrepreneurs get my blood going in a good way. I love hearing new ideas and I hold so much excitement and pride in seeing people creating something they love! The SkinnyScoop was started by Eden + Erin...two people who met as grad school random roommates at Stanford and are now co-business owners! Ever want to know how many parents have lost their cool with their kiddos? How other moms really feel about breastfeeding? Organic vs. non-organic? SkinnyScoop answers these and thousands more. I met up with their team to take a few shots of them at their HQ in San Bruno and here are some of my favorites.... Eden + Erin, SkinnyScoop Co-FoundersEden + Erin, SkinnyScoop Co-FoundersSkinnyScoop TeamSkinnyScoop Team