What to Wear for your Family Photo Session | Guest Blog Post

I am so pleased to share a guest blog post with you from Kate with Undeniable Style. I told her that my clients often ask what to wear for shoots and, though I can provide guidance and am good at knowing what doesn't photograph well, I'm at a loss when giving suggestions on adorable clothes for kiddos of all ages. Kate graciously stepped in to create a special post just for you guys!!!! Without further ado, here is Kate:************************************************************************************* Undeniable Style Blog | Brooke Bryand Photography Hi Guys! I’m Kate and I’m the blogger behind Undeniable Style. I’m the kind of girl who will wear stripes with floral, gold with silver, and 20 layers at a time {unless it’s over 80 degrees}, and I’m here today to help you guys find a look that’s right for your family fall/winter 2011 photo sessions.

What to wear for photoshoot | what to wear for photo shoot | San Francisco photo shoot | Brooke Bryand Photography

My goal is always to make the outfits cohesive, but I’m not really interested in matchy matchy! And absolutely, the most important piece of advice I can give is to make sure you are Comfortable and True. To. You.

What to wear for photoshoot | what to wear for photo shoot | San Francisco photo shoot | Brooke Bryand Photography

Lucky for us, in San Francisco, it’s always a layering kind of season. Layers can be a great way to add dimensionality and personality to your session with Brooke!

Below, I’ve included some links to some of my favorite fall-hued kids clothes out there today. The pieces are meant to be mixed and matched to create the perfect outfit, layer by layer.


T-Shirts starting at $9 (1 & 2), Button down shirts $9.95 (6 color options! Alternate option here), Jeans $9.95, Boots $29.95, Beanie $7.95, Vest, Jacket $44.94, Sweater $24.95

Toddler Boy:

Button down shirts starting at $14 (1 and 2), Sweater $19.94, Zip front Cardigan $19.94, Vest, Cords $26.95, Shoes $14.94


Drop waist floral print dress $39.90, Faux Fur Vest $44.95, Sweater Vest $29.94, Chunky Cardigan $39.90, Tights $10.50, Boots $29.94, Knee Socks 3 for $10!, Ear Muffs, $9.90

Toddler Girl:

Skirt $17.90 (alternate option $16.90), Top $25.90, Sweater $48, Jeans $29.95, Cardigan $26.94, Shoes $39, Tights $9.94

Thanks for letting me guest blog, Brooke! ************************************************************************************* It's Brooke again...I just want to say thank you to Kate for putting this together!!! I have a few other tips and examples on my website under "Details" > "What to Wear". Note that the items Kate offered are for layering and stay true to keeping outfits simple (i.e. not distracting)...for example, there may be a graphic on the tee, but it's actually covered by a great-looking sweater or vest. I hope this helps you in determining what to wear for your session. As always, feel free to email me links/photos of outfits you're considering and I'll provide feedback!