Gratitude {Behind the Scenes} Brooke Bryand Photography

As you know from the blog, my favorite part of this incredibly awesome job is being able to follow a family over their first year. From the big belly bump, to those first days at home with their newborn, to those first few weeks of sitting up and eventually walking. I get to see not only the baby evolve over time, but the couple evolve as well. Any of you who are already parents know put it mildly...parenthood changes you. I get to have this wonderful perspective of an outsider peering in, watching them go from those first few days of uncertainty (" many wipes should I use?") to a few months later when they are master of their new domain (and then a few months after that when the child reminds them that in fact they - the 1-year-old - are in truth the real masters of the domain). As I look at my business over 2011 and continue to brainstorm for 2012, I am simply grateful. Clients...I adore you. You allow me to step into your world and capture a moment in time that is yours forever. You allow me to explore my creativity in ways I never knew I could. Your kiddos keep me on my toes in every single session...pushing me to try harder, extend my own boundaries (even if it is in off-key singing or making up rhymes!) and be the best photographer I can possibly be. I grow every day because of you.

I snapped this photo of our chalkboard just before we took down the holiday cards (sniff), and I came across the picture today. To say I am simply grateful doesn't begin to cover my feelings. These cards - from friends...from clients...from more and more who are both friends and clients - bring a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. Thank you, for making 2011 an incredible year and I look forward to seeing you and your little ones in 2012!

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