Tips for Taking Great Headshots {Behind the Scenes} San Francisco Headshot Photographer

In the age of Facebook and LinkedIn, it seems most everyone can use a professional headshot these days. From babysitters on UrbanSitter to job seekers on LinkedIn to "About Us" pages on corporate websites, conveying who we are in the form of photographs has become more and more prevalent. I'd like to share two lists with on what to wear and the other on what to expect.

What to Wear

  • Wear clothing that is comfortable and fitting. You do not want to see buttons "pulling" in your photos. Look at yourself in the mirror in various positions to see what your outfit will look like in photos.
  • Be sure your clothes are properly pressed and do not wear them the whole day leading up to the shoot...change just before your session to avoid wrinkles.
  • Choose colors that work well with your skin tone. Depending on the personality you want to convey with your headshot, stick with solid colors or small checks. The general rule of thumb is if you have a light skin tone, wear colors darker than your tone. If you have a dark skin tone, wear colors that are lighter.
  • Try to avoid blacks and whites, but instead look for other colors that can offer some personality (fuschia, deep blue, etc).
  • Men: Typically, a long-sleeve button down shirt works well in photos for a "business casual" look. You'll want to dress up without overdressing for your career.
  • Women: Layers are your friend! A simple necklace or small earrings are a nice touch without being overbearing.
  • Make-up & Hair: Getting your hair make-up professionally done is worth its weight in GOLD! Not only do you feel like a rock star, but you will look your very best. Some people prefer to do their hair themselves to make sure it looks like them and that is great too - it all depends on your style.
  • Your clothing should be professional, but it should still be you. When you meet someone in person, it should match the image conveyed on screen.

What to Expect

  • Expect for me to ask you lots of questions! This helps me understand who you are and the types of portrait that would be most appropriate for your personality/career. We can then determine how formal or casual your headshots should be.
  • I will be shooting a variety of poses and angles. Some will be sitting, some will be standing. Every person I shoot has a few angles that are more flattering than others, but until I see you and shoot you, I won't know what is best. You are hiring a professional to trust their judgement on what positions are going to bring out the best you.
  • Try, try, try to relax as much as possible! Believe me, I know it feels awkward to be solo on the other side of the lens. Keep in mind that a) 99% of my clients are not professional models and b) I am there to make you shine! I will coach you through the entire session, giving you tips and tricks along the way...this is definitely a team event!

Here are some examples of using multiple outfits and giving a variety of "looks" for the camera:

Brooke Bryand Photography-ferry building-headshots--san francisco headshot photographer exampleBrooke Bryand Photography-ferry building-headshots--san francisco headshot photographer exampleBrooke Bryand Photography-ferry building-headshots--san francisco headshot photographer example

Special thank you to Loryn Barbeau for being my model!