Daymond John is the Man.

For real. My job puts me in the presence of a decent amount of celebs, and it's not often I get Goo-Goo-Gah-Gah over any particular individual. 

Enter Daymond John. Yes, of FUBU genius and SharkTank fame. He spoke at the SiriusDecisions Summit last week at The Venetian in Las Vegas and I. Was. Mesmerized. 

Mr. John fit a 3hr keynote into 1hr. He speak so lightning fast that even as I hung on his every word, I missed a decent amount because my brain could hardly keep up. He brought the audience through his personal history including his accomplishments and his failures. He was humble and human and I imagine everyone in the audience felt his magnetism. 

This is one of my favorite Daymond-John-isms that I added to one of the shots from the event. I know my business could not be where it is today without mentors and my tribe of people who support me with every new challenge. Thank you, Mr. Daymond John, for sharing a part of yourself with SiriusDecisions.