What is Lifestyle Commercial Photography?

I know, I know...it sounds like a bunch of SEO buzz words glommed together to sound fancy. But in a nutshell, 

My job is to take a client's MESSAGE and bring it to life through pictures.

For example, a client may tell me they want to make the images on their website more welcoming and warming. From there, I'll work with my team to pinpoint who their key customer is, and brainstorm on how to "speak" to that individual through images. It may be creating a scene where a mom and dad are relaxing on the sofa by a roaring fireplace. It may be having a grandma and a mom leaning on each other in support and comfort. Whatever the situation, we create a series of shots to convey that emotion. 

Who Uses Lifestyle Photography?

Pretty much everyone. Almost every website you view has imagery on it, and companies have the option of either purchasing stock photography (i.e. photos you can see over and over again on a variety of company websites) or creating their own campaign that is customized for their specific needs. My goal is to fill the needs of the custom photography set.

I am looking for companies that want to create authentic, colorful, inspiring imagery to correspond with their brand goals.

If you or your company are ready to blend your brand, your product or service and your message together through imagery, let's work together.