Raleigh Therapist Photoshoot {How to Create a Lot with a Little}

Liz is a friend whose heart beats off her chest in generosity. She is a solution-finder, she is hilarious and, above all, she is a good person. Liz runs her own private therapy practice (Liz Summers, LCSW), but somehow has gone through this phase of her career without a website. 

2018. I know. It's not that the thought hasn't crossed her mind, but her work has been primarily word-of-mouth through referrals so she hasn't "needed" a website in order for the business to succeed. 

As someone who loves therapy as a means to make each of us the best versions of ourselves, I know that I research the heck out of a therapist before I meet with them so not having a website was beyond me...her future clients need to see her, to trust her, to feel like they know her before they even pick up the phone. 

Liz asked some friends if they would model for us and we created a custom stock imagery library that Liz could then use on her website, future email newsletters, social media, etc. The entire shoot was two hours and ran like clockwork! 

Here are some of the results, though certainly go to her website to walk through all of the final product.