GGMG Halloween Party | San Francisco Baby Photographer

Golden Gate Mother's Group (GGMG) is a volunteer-run mom's organization in San Francisco. It's no ordinary "mom's group" - it is 4,000 members strong and includes very active forums, a monthly newsletter and dozens of events for families to participate in with their little ones. Aside from the great community benefits, it has been a saving grace to me personally in the last year. Though I have photographed babies and kids for four years, I had never changed a diaper prior to having my own baby (Cal) last November. Without GGMG, I sometimes feel like I'd either still be figuring out what to do with wipes or I'd be holed up under my desk hoping nobody will find me! I joined multiple mom's groups and all have been invaluable to me! So when GGMG asked if I would photograph their Halloween Party this year (uhhh, hundreds of kids in adorable costumes? Tough sell!), I was an emphatic yes! I took over 1,200 photos and selected the best-of for families to view on the following gallery (p/w is: GGMG_Halloween2010)

Thank you, GGMG, for hosting a fantastic party!