General Info


Tues, Aug 21st (8:15am-9:30am). Rain date of Thurs, Aug 23rd (8:15am-9:30am)


We'll take these in the FCM OLE.

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How to Prepare


I like to take these particular headshots with 2-3 people at a time. We do a "round robin" at 2-3 locations (by the shed, by some rocks, etc) and then I'll edit the best-of-the-best and you can use them not only on the FCM website but also on your LinkedIn profile, FB, IG, wherever you prefer. 

What to Wear

You can get as casual or as fancy as you'd like! You can see past examples on FCM's website or above for guidance. In general, keep it simple. 


  • Can I bring 2-3 outfits? We only have about 10 minutes together, so it's best to select one outfit (or bring two and I can easily give my two cents before your appointment begins). I have tons of tips on my "How to Prepare" page that can be helpful!
  • Do you remove blemishes / make me look younger / etc? My rule of thumb is that I'll remove anything that wouldn't be a part of you in two weeks. So yes for blemishes, no for "surgery". :) 
  • Do I get to see all of the images? Believe me, it is in everyone's best interest if I go ahead and choose the best-of-the-best! You will have the top three images available for download in the online gallery.