Headshots: How to Prepare

Are you ready?

You are finally getting your headshot done - CONGRATS!
I want to help you make this painless and - gasp - FUN. 

The above picture is a client who generously offered to let me show a before-after of why the following tips are so important in capturing your best self in front of the camera. 

  1. Hair and Make-up: Get it done. My only exception would be if you are someone who knows you never like it when a professional does your hair/make-up. Otherwise, I want you to look and feel like a rock star and this is a surefire way to kick it up a notch! 
  2. Clothing: Ask a friend, then take a selfie. This is not a time to be modest about staring at yourself in the mirror. Take a few pics (or have your friend / partner take some so you get a full length view) so you can see how various outfits hang on your body. Do you obsess over your arms? Then wear a blouse that either shows them off or conceals them. Can you see your bra through your favorite blouse? Time to find a Plan B outfit. My general rule of thumb is to wear something fairly plain so when someone looks at your headshot, they see you, not your clothing.
  3. Jewelry: Just the right amount can add pizazz to your photograph without overwhelming the image. Add a necklace or earrings that you love! Jewelry is a great way to subtly show off your personality in your headshot. 
  4. Posing / Body Types: The bottom line for this one: that is my job, no need for you to worry! I will use a variety of posing techniques to bring out your best self. Part of my expertise is not only knowing how your body will look best in front of the camera, but also knowing your real vs fake smile within seconds of meeting you. I will call you out if you look like you are getting your school photo taken, so beware! I'm kidding...sort of...but the message is - relax...I've got you. 
  5. Variety: Two outfits (or a variation on your first outfit) is definitely recommended. It can be as simple as adding a blazer or a sweater, or as complex as an entirely different outfit. We will focus on your top half for your headshot, but it is important to be dressed from head to toe for the total package. You can also change your hairstyle from wearing it down to pulling it into a bun, ponytail or barrette to give your facial features some variety. 

That's it! Leave the rest to me. We'll plan the best location based on your needs for the headshot (in an office setting vs outdoors vs doing an activity). My goal is to capture the best version of you that conveys your personality to the world. 


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