“A true friend accepts you as you are, but also helps you become who you are meant to be.” - Unknown 

The Red Tent Circle was created as a way to celebrate and lift up women together. Although I consider myself an introvert, I find that I come alive when surrounded by the collective power of women. For 2019, I want to create a series of events that are a mixture of FUN and FULFILLMENT for my tribe and anyone they want to bring along.

This is a labor of love and if I could fund the entire series, I would! Until that happens, I am finding creative ways to keep the costs down to $0-$20/person depending on the expenses incurred for the moderators at each event.


Upcoming Events



Let’s make a Vision Board together! Think of it as a giant arts & crafts night.

Date: TBD in June
Location: Brooke’s House
Cost: $5
Bring: Bottle of wine!

PAST Events

Apr 24, 2019 (6p-9p):


The Enneagram is a personality typing system that has existed for centuries and regained popularity in more recent years. With endless information and resources on the nine different personality types and how they are all interconnected, the Enneagram is a dynamic tool that can be incorporated within work, school, home and beyond. In this class, local Enneagram Aficionado Meghan Hockaday will speak on each of the nine types and provide a baseline understanding on how the Enneagram can open doors for self-awareness and provide insight on the views and behaviors of others. Plan to leave this class with a fundamental familiarity of the Enneagram and the tools and resources needed to continue learning more.

Location: Brooke’s House
Cost: $10/person
Bring: Notebook and Enneagram results (you’ll receive a link prior to the workshop)

Listening Coach - marilyn shannon.jpg

March 15, 2019 (5:30p-9p): The Art of LIstening Workshop

I am SO excited to bring the talented Marilyn Shannon, a professional listening coach to us. She typically can be found on much bigger stages than my humble living room, but she has agreed to coach us in an intimate 3-hour listening workshop. 

We can expect to leave with a new perspective on what listening skills can mean for our friendships, our spousal relationships and our kids. 

This night will be interactive...we'll learn tips from Marilyn and then integrate them in real-life experiences. This is not a shame-fest for how we currently's a fresh perspective on considering a new way of showing and receiving love from each other. 

Location: Brooke’s House
Cost: $15/person
Bring: Notebook and yourself!

Mar 31, 2019 (2pm):

Y’all!!! They are playing Fried Green Tomatoes are part of their Champagne Series! I reserved 20 tickets - join me!

Location: Alamo Drafthouse
Cost: $15
RSVP: Email me and I’ll reserve one of the tickets for you!