Why Custom Photography?

Why should you hire a photographer when there are great stock images out there? Ask yourself the following questions to know if stock photography vs custom photography is right for you.


Do you want generic images or ones that represent your brand?

Do you want images that represent your business on any other generic business (i.e. competitor!) website? Do you want images that are "close enough" or do you want images that shout your business' branding from the rooftops? Do you want to extend your marketing budget over and over to try and make a square (photo) fit into a circle (photo) hole? 

Custom corporate photography not as costly as you might think. Yes, at first glance a generic stock image can be as little as $29. But how big is the image? Where can you use it and for how long? Can your competitor purchase the same exact image? Once you run the numbers to procure an image that is high-resolution and with an exclusive license, you may be surprised at how costly it becomes. And that is for just one image. When we do a shoot together, yes we are going to nail the shot you need, but we are going to work various angles and ideas so you have variety of final images to use for a multitude of marketing materials.

Working Together

Projects are most successful when we work together as early as possible. Some clients arrive with a shot list in mind and we just need to massage it into production and make it come to life. Others know they need new website imagery, but have no idea the best way to convey that to their audience. We can help you no matter what stage you find yourself and are happy to jump in with both feet. We become part of your team and will hit you with dozens of questions so we can get to the heart of your business and create the best possible outcome for you.

Shooting Style

Though I am willing and able to click the shutter as needed, lifestyle photography is not an exact science. The most successful outcomes are achieved when we have a detailed plan in place and then allow wiggle room for creativity to ignite.  

I can't count how many times a client thinks they want a certain shot (ex: Model Grandma and Model Mom in a park - keep in mind they have never met before that day on set), but when I am given freedom to speak to the models 1:1, I am able to then bring out their authentic expressions through their real experiences and THAT is where the magic happens. The image below is an example of that exact situation.

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{CREATE BLOG POST LINKED HERE...REMOVE ALL THIS TEXT} We already had a long day on set and we were moving toward the end of the shoot. I requested everyone else clear the set so I could be alone with these two models. We started talking about our real life experience and that is how this very real emotion came through in the image below. The woman modeling as the "grandma" is truly comforting the woman modeling as the "mom" who had actually just lost her real mother a few weeks prior. She kept a brave face on set all day, but when we can strip everything else away, we can create images that evoke real reactions from our audience. Real reactions mean real connections between you and your audience and that is why custom photography is always the best choice.