How I Work

My clients call me for corporate photography but our work together extends much further than that. The more I get to know your team and your goals, the more on fire I am to blow away your expectations. 

And the photography we create does so much more then sit on a website. I have seen clients use it in Facebook ads, get picked up by the press, marketing campaigns, email newsletters, and so much more.

“She’s a master of her craft- the technical skill behind each of her photos is one thing that I think really sets her apart, and on top of that she’s able to capture exactly the feeling that you’re going for. ”

You know you need new pictures but do you know where to start?

Full service support, from concept to creation, pre-production to prints

Projects are most successful when we work together as early as possible. Some clients arrive with a shot list in mind and we just need to massage it into production and make it come to life. Others know they need new website imagery, but have no idea the best way to convey that to their audience.

We can help you no matter what stage you find yourself and are happy to jump in with both feet. We become part of your team and will hit you with dozens of questions so we can get to the heart of your business and create the best possible outcome for you.

Our Planning Process.jpg

The Meet & Greet:

Meet with us to discuss your brand, your goals and how you want imagery to integrate into your overall brand strategy (and it's okay if you aren't yet sure!).

The Ideas:

We brainstorm and submit a shot list with various ideas that you then narrow down to priorities.


The Budget

We create an initial budget based on the shot list, using our past experience to find ways to make your shoot as efficient as possible.


The Shoot

Most of our work is done in pre-production (location scouting, model selection, wardrobe styling, production timing) so that when we get on set, it is GO TIME. We don't waste a moment of a shoot day because <strong>Time. Is. Money.</strong> You can see on the sample production sheet how the hours of organization prior to shoot day pay off to create a smooth, efficient day for everyone on set.

The Review

Depending on timing, we then set up time to review images with you so we can narrow down the ones that will best suit your purpose. I prefer to do this on-set when possible, but it depends on the flow of the day. Once we have narrowed down the best of the best, our editing magic begins and we upload your final results to a secure gallery to download and bring into the world as you see fit. Yep, they are yours. No royalty fees, licensing or usage limits (other than what is laid out in the contract).


I go where my clients need me. From San Francisco to London to Scottsdale and beyond, I am just a flight away.